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Warm air dryers.
Warm air is by far the most hygienic way to dry hands after washing. Abat offers a range of stylish hand and face dryers in a wide range of applications. All of our dryers are durable, quiet and vandal resistant.

Stainless steel versions for commercial kitchens are also available.

All models are approved for safety by the Electricity Council and the British Warm - Air Hand Dryer association.

Our commitment to excellence ensures the widest choice of hand dryers to meet the most demanding of needs.

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Air Cleaners.
Activated by a passive infra-red sensor, only when the room is in use, our automatic air cleaners draw polluted air through an activated carbon filter which neutralises all washroom odours and then releases a pleasant fragrence. They do not use CFCs, making them environmentally friendly, and running costs are extremely low.

They are of a smart and compact design, have a long fragrance life are extremely quiet in operation and ideal in all washroom applications.

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Water management systems.
Did you know?
It is now a legal requirement. Legislation controls the amount of water that can be flushed from cisterns installed in the workplace. Our management systems are specifically designed to meet all local water authority regulations and as an added bonus you save up to 80% of your water costs using this innovative system. This system quickly pays for itself.

Using Infra-Red, water control systems effectively cut off the main supply to a room or area until it is occupied, then water is made available automatically until the room is vacated.

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Washroom management modular systems.
Washroom management modular systems are designed to rid even the worst washroom of unpleasant odours, save water and prevent the build up of bacteria and scale.

Working independently or as a single unit with one power source, our systems offer a complete solution to water efficiency, bacteria build up and odour problems.

Low on maintenance it provides up to eighty percent savings on water, a high reduction in expensive chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

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